Book Worm Angels + Open Books = <3

We have exciting news to report!

As of September 1, 2013,
Book Worm Angels has merged into
Open Books,
an award-winning literacy organization
headquartered in Chicago!

This merger gives Book Worm Angels needed resources to provide even more books to more at-risk children – staff to handle book pickups and deliveries, a system to sort books to make it easier for the educators who get those books, a highly effective marketing program to engage our program partners, donors, and friends, and an organization of committed book lovers, just like us.

Open Books' transformative programs provide reading and writing support to more than 4,000 Chicago students each year. Through the new Book Worm Angels program, Open Books will deliver in-classroom lending libraries and book grants to educators and nonprofit groups across the city, thus giving literacy support to tens of thousands of Chicago children who might otherwise not have access to books to read at home. This has been Book Worm Angels’ mission from its very earliest days 14 years ago, and we couldn't be more excited to watch it flourish and expand as part of the Open Books lineup.

Visit our new home at Open Books, where you’ll be as excited as are we about the wonderful new relationship. You’ll see how easy it is for educators to request books, for parents to find resources about reading with their children, and for people to donate books (and, of course, dollars)! Also, be sure to check out the FAQs for answers to questions you might have. And finally, you’re invited to visit the award-winning Open Books retail store at 213 W. Institute Place in Chicago.

To literacy!

Mike Ban
President & Executive Director
Book Worm Angels

Stacy Ratner
Founder & President
Open Books