Children's Book Grants

Open Books gives away 135,000 children's books to schools and nonprofit partners across Chicago each year.

There are three ways to get boxes full of free, hand-picked books that your students will love!

“Classic” Book Grant: Apply to have our book grant team choose a variety of appropriate books for you, then come pick up at Open Books Pilsen when they’re ready. Recommended for requests for large numbers of books (e.g., community literacy nights).

Book Grab Table: Visit Open Books Pilsen any time we’re open, ask about the Book Grab Table, and fill a box with books from our ever-changing stock. No application or appointment necessary. Visit as often as you like!

Build-Your-Own Book Grant: Apply for a private book-gathering spree at Open Books Pilsen. Choose books from the same stock we use for classic book grants. Highly recommended for building or replenishing classroom libraries.


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To start the process of receiving your Children’s Book Grant, just fill out the form below.