Just like athletes, writers like you need to practice to stay sharp! Open Books is here to help you stay in tip top writing shape and flex your creativity muscles with our Daily Writing Sprint Prompts. A Writing Sprint is a short exercise that challenges you to be as creative as you can with as few limits as possible! We will post a writing prompt everyday so make sure you keep an eye out so you don’t miss any!


There are only 2 rules when it comes to Writing Sprints:

1) Write the entire time without stopping! (Set a timer for 5 mins. If you’re looking to challenge yourself further go ahead and set that timer for 10 minutes. Sometimes it’s hard to keep writing when you feel stuck but you can always write about feeling stuck and work your way back to the prompt when you’re ready- just keep that pencil on your paper or fingers tapping on keys!)

2) Do not edit yourself as you’re writing! (No erasing, No going back. There is no right or wrong way to be creative.) 


When the sprint is done, go back and read what you have created! If you want to NOW you can edit, or even continue working on it if you have the stamina to turn this sprint into a marathon! Share your writing with your friends and family to inspire them to get creative and connect! Tag us when you share on social media and we might even share it to inspire our friends too! 

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Daily Writing Prompts

Check back daily for new prompts!