Free Book Grants for Birth-12th Grade

Free Books for Classroom Libraries! Home Libraries, too! Special Events!
Available for Educators and Nonprofits serving the Chicagoland Area
Broad selection of high-quality, engaging, developmentally appropriate material for ages 0-18
Available for pick up year-round

Open Books gives away over 150,000 books to schools and nonprofit partners across Chicago each year.

We offer three ways to get boxes full of free books your students will love! All of our book granting operations take place at Open Books Pilsen (905 W. 19th Street).

1. Book Grab Table: Need books today? Visit Open Books Pilsen anytime we’re open, ask about the Book Grab Table, then fill a box with free books from our ever-changing stock. Stop by as often as you like. No application or appointment necessary. A great way to keep your shelves stocked between Bonanza Days or Classic Grants.

2. NEW! Book Grant Bonanza Days: During these monthly events, we provide boxes for you to fill with your choice of our highest quality books for all reading levels. RSVP by submitting the form on this page. You may attend one Bonanza every three months.

Upcoming Bonanza Days at Open Books Pilsen:
Monday, January 20th
Saturday, February 1st
Saturday, March 7th

3. Classic Book Grants: If you cannot attend a Book Grant Bonanza Day or need books for a large number (>100) of children, apply to have our team hand-select a variety of appropriate books for you to pick up from Open Books Pilsen when they’re ready. Ideal for large-scale requests like school literacy nights and community giveaways. If you need specific titles/subjects, Spanish books, or classroom sets, attend a Bonanza Day instead.

Need books for adults? Apply here!