Reading Buddies

Big Idea

Twice each week, our volunteer Big Buddies pair up with their Little Buddy students to read together for 30 minutes. The Big Buddy’s job is to be a coach and role model whose love of books is contagious — and maybe even life-changing — for the Little Buddy. Over the course of the program, students gain confidence, boost reading skills, and increase their fluency and comprehension.

Reading Buddies

At A Glance

What: Reading practice, games, and book activities with young readers.

Where: Selected schools across Chicago.

When: Twice weekly during the school year.

Who: 2nd & 3rd grade students, Open Books staff, and volunteer Big Buddies.

Plus: The Open Booksmobile visits each Buddies site at the end of the year so that students can choose a bag of books to take home.