Buy Books to Build Classroom Libraries for Resource-Withheld Schools in Chicago.

  • There are 290,000+ CPS students but only 90 full time librarians across 500+ CPS schools.
  • Even if a school has a library, without a librarian the library must remain closed. This means classroom libraries are an essential resource for students & teachers.
  • Access to culturally relevant reading materials plays an important role in improving academic achievement.
  • Research indicates that choice, high quality/high interest texts, and socializing with others about books drives reader engagement.
  • Our Gift of Books program funds our book access efforts and allows you to purchase popular titles for our book granting collection. These books better reflect the communities we partner with so that all readers can see themselves and their cultures in the stories they read.
  • All contributions benefit our Book Granting program to get even more books into young readers’ hands.
  • There are two different ways to donate–choose the option that moves you most.

Option A: Make a general donation for a new book at only $3 per book. Adjust the quantity in your cart for the most impact.

Option B: Choose your favorites from the curated list below of highly engaging, culturally relevant titles:

Early Childhood

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Specific titles granted subject to change based on availability.