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Space Rental


Rent The Store
Our West Loop store is home to all kinds of events, from author launches and concerts through private celebrations and weddings. With a capacity of 125 people cocktail-style, it’s the perfect spot for memorable literary parties and events.


To arrange your celebration in our bookstore,
contact us at [email protected]
or 312.475.1355 x100.


Rent The Classroom
Our two classrooms are perfect for hosting meetings, presentations, and other corporate functions. With capacities from 40-50 people each, the classrooms are fully equipped with projectors, white boards, and other office supplies, and can be rented separately or together.


To arrange your meeting in our classrooms,
contact us at [email protected]
or 312.475.1355 x100.


To rent out our enormous warehouse space,
contact us at [email protected]
or 312.243.9776.