Open Books is a nonprofit social venture that provides literacy experiences for thousands of readers each year through inspiring programs and creative capitalization of books. Join us in spreading the literacy through reading, writing, and the GIVING power of used books. Make a financial donation that will have a lasting impact.

Make The Case 2017

Chicago’s Famous Bookcase-Decorating + Bar Night

Join Us Friday, November 3


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We collect used books.

All books in good condition are welcome, and all donations are tax-deductible. Find out what we take and how to get them to us.

We sell and grant them.

We give books to students in our instructional programs, donate them to educators and students through our book programs, and sell them in our Chicago stores (West Loop and Pilsen) and online.

They fund our programs.

We provide transformational literacy experiences  for more than 5,000 K-12 students every year, from reading help through novel-writing.

Volunteers = magic.

Volunteers work with our students, organize our books, staff our events, and make everything happen.