ReadThenWrite is an immersive reading, writing, and publishing experience for teenage authors. Students read high-quality literature meant to engage their minds, provoke discussion, and broaden their horizons. Based on these readings, they write short memoirs, personal narratives, and poetry. They work on their pieces for many weeks, with constant oversight and caring feedback from their volunteer writing coaches. Finally, Open Books publishes the students’ polished work into a group anthology and celebrates the newly minted writers at a gala author launch in our award-winning bookstore. Students finish the program with two monumental things: a published book, and a new sense of self-confidence.

What: A publishing workshop for teens inspired by chosen readings and focusing on creation of polished prose, memoirs, and poetry.

Where: Selected schools across Chicago.

When: Weekdays during the school year. Sessions run from 8-16 weeks depending on location and availability.

Who: 5th-12th grade students, Open Books staff, and volunteer writing coaches.

Price: $50-75 per student. Each student receives books to keep and a copy of the class’s anthology.

Plus: Each session culminates with a gala Author Launch at the award-winning Open Books store in the West Loop, where students share their work with an appreciative audience, toast their success, and autograph a permanent anthology poster to hang in the store forever.

Prospective writing coaches: join us as a volunteer!

Interested in previously published ReadThenWrite anthologies?

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