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Ink and Blood Writing Duels

October 17, 2015 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Ink & Blood Dueling Society
Location: Open Books
Date: Saturday, October 17th, 2015
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
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You do not need to buy tickets to attend this free event. While our society hides in the shadows, our events remain free to the public. This session will be our final event of the year. The following event takes place in January 2016.

Who to expect
Members of the Ink & Blood Dueling Society will be in attendance. Most of our members choose to wear masks or hoods to conceal their identities. This event also draws members of the press and public. Some choose to wear full costumes, while others show up in the same tattered clothes they presumably wear on the street.

What to expect
Every meeting of the Ink & Blood Dueling Society is different, but all include at least a few rounds of writing duels. These duels take place in front of a live audience. Two anonymous writers craft stories using the same prompt, and their stories appear on-screen in front of everyone in the crowd. Most crowds cheer and jeer at the writing during this process. Once the writers finish their stories (and sometimes before they get a chance to finish) the audience votes on their favorites. The winning writers unmasks in front of everyone, earning glory.

This event will be larger than usual. We expect to have at least three special guests at the show. A comedian will introduce, a musician will perform, and a raconteur will entertain. This will all happen in addition to our regular writing duels.

Where to meet
Open Books, one of Chicago’s most well-respected independent bookstores, serves as the location for October’s event. The store remains open during the show, and members of the audience may purchase books anytime before or after the duels.

Open Books also promotes literacy in the city. The organization donates books to students in the school system and hosts tons of instructional events. They deserve your patronage, both as a retailer and as a non-profit organization.

Why attend a writing duel
A long time ago, someone decided that fiction writers needed a way to compete against each other. That’s likely how the first writing duels came into existence. The Ink & Blood Dueling Society formalized writing duels into a specific process, maintaining the anonymity of the participants while encouraging quality work. At the same time, we invited a belligerent audience into the mix. Writing duels turn into chaotic, funny, often surprising events.

Your invitation
If you’re reading these words, you are invited to our completely secret, totally exclusive event. Tell your friends.


October 17, 2015
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm