2020 Open Books Writing Contest: Joining Together at a Distance

Thank you to all who participated in the

2020 Open Books Writing Contest! 


We are delighted to present Joining Together at a Distance, the collected anthology of submissions. 

The stories and poems included in this publication were selected from over 300 submissions. The contest took place during the spring of 2020, amidst a global pandemic and switch to virtual activities, and was a way to encourage students to write during uncertain times. The theme of the contest was family/community, and students were encouraged to submit passages that addressed this theme. These published works are just a sampling of the many creative young authors who participated in our writing contest. We are incredibly proud of all the participants and encourage all our talented writers to KEEP WRITING!

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Joining Together at a Distance: 2020: Cover Thumbnail

Special thanks to Maurice and Melena Priestley, Owen Priestley, William Priestley and the extended Kavanagh family around the world for their support of this contest.
Dedicated in loving memory of Dolores McArdle, who valued family and community above all else.